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Our Services
for End-Customers
Our Services for End-Customers
Specializes in cutting-edge solutions for digital transformation. Helping organizations
harness the full potential of success in an ever-changing digital era.
Salesforce Administration

We help and support you with our certified Salesforce administrators, who handle your daily maintenance and end-user support needs, allowing you to concentrate on achieving success.

We’re here to ensure that your Salesforce platform runs smoothly, addressing any issues promptly and efficiently.

Salesforce Managed Services

Benefit from our comprehensive support throughout your Salesforce journey, from implementation to ongoing maintenance.

We anticipate your needs and maintain processes to enhance your operations, ensuring that your Salesforce instance continually aligns with your business objectives.

Sales Cloud Implementation

Maximize your sales potential with our Sales Cloud Implementation services. We help you in creating a complete client view, streamlining pipelines and implementing intelligent automation to optimize your sales processes.

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, enhancing efficiency across your organization.

Chatbot Implementation

Engage with your customers 24/7 through our chatbot implementation services. We provide instant responses that enhance customer satisfaction and streamline tasks, improving overall efficiency.

Our chatbot solutions are tailored to your business needs and seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.

Field Service Implementation

Experience tailored implementation services for your field service operations. We support you in seamlessly integrating our solutions with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition.

Comprehensive training empowers your teams to utilize the platform optimally, improving productivity and customer satisfaction.

How our services can help you

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Services for Partners

We empower your team with our specialized Salesforce solutions and support
Salesforce partner globally with offshore delivery capabilities

Professional Services 

We offer pre packed and white-labeled services that allows you to provide additional value added services to your end customers.

Why Choose Us?

Empower your Salesforce journey with Nubis, your trusted partner, crafting custom solutions for both Salesforce Partners and End-Customers. We go beyond development, leveraging data-driven strategies to unlock the full potential of Salesforce to maximize sales and personalizing customer experiences.
   Let's unlock Salesforce potential together!
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