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Nubis specializes in Salesforce retail implementation and cloud lending solutions, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced customer relationship management for retail and consumer industries. We prioritize efficient stock management and service delivery, empowering industrial employees to provide superior services.

Store Optimization

We maximize Salesforce development solutions to optimize physical and online store visits for retail industries. Our expertise ensures streamlined inventory management, efficient order tracking and enhanced customer relationship management, leading to improved customer experiences and successful retail implementation.

Strategic Enhancement

Enhanced Salesforce development aids in strategic customer relationship building, utilizing customized fields for efficient planning and expansion of retail and consumer business.

Efficient Data Capture

Salesforce development involves field reps using mobile apps for order processing, integrating tools to gather product info and managing inventories. Tracking product details is crucial for customer overviews and sales management. Customized checklists aid in accurate data collection and task execution.

AI-driven product placement optimization

AI-enhanced cloud solutions streamline product placement, compliance and trust. Modernizing expansion and inventory management with Salesforce.

Why Choose Us?

Empower your Salesforce journey with Nubis, your trusted partner, crafting custom solutions for both Salesforce Partners and End-Customers. We go beyond development, leveraging data-driven strategies to unlock the full potential of Salesforce to maximize sales and personalizing customer experiences.
   Let's unlock Salesforce potential together!
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