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Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utilities

Nubis helps enable power and utility businesses to modernize infrastructure, enhance customer service and improve efficiency through centralized data management and process automation.

Genie Services

The Energy & Utilities Cloud, streamlines operations and enhances customer engagement with predefined industry objects, services and integrations. It offers a single, configurable platform for front-office operations, ensuring interoperability with existing systems and seamless data transfer for efficient workflow.

Tableau Implementation

Salesforce Energy and Utilities Cloud provides industry-specific solutions for data-driven decisions, optimized customer interactions and growth. It offers tools for service, asset management, chatbots and interactive dashboards, streamlining processes and accelerating digital transformation.

Why Nubis?

Nubis assists energy and utility organizations in implementing Salesforce Energy and Utilities Cloud to enhance customer service, engagement and sales processes.

Our expert team offers consulting, implementation, training and ongoing support services for customizing and maximizing Salesforce Energy and Utilities Cloud to meet your specific needs.

Why Choose Us?

Empower your Salesforce journey with Nubis, your trusted partner, crafting custom solutions for both Salesforce Partners and End-Customers. We go beyond development, leveraging data-driven strategies to unlock the full potential of Salesforce to maximize sales and personalizing customer experiences.
   Let's unlock Salesforce potential together!
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